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If only I had invested in bitcoin. Feel like the phase is done and you missed it? No, this is just the beginning! Cryptocurrency is the future of payment, it WILL NOT go away and not everyone even knows what it is, which makes you the lucky one for coming here today. This is your chance to get involved in the new phase before it hits, this is your chance to investCortum Capital or referred to as CC Exchange, is the new cryptocurrency and it only takes a fraction of a dollar to get involved. 1/10th of a dollar to be exact.
We are a Christian mission based cryptocurrency. Designed to eliminate wire transfers from church to church/ person to person. The fees of wiring money takes nearly 10%. Less fees is more money in the pocket of those who need it.

​If you were asked to spend 10 cents on bit coin in 2010 and you had said no, wouldn’t you be feeling foolish today? Don’t make that mistake right here, right now. Crypto Currency is designed to go up in price. It’s an investment. You can go and spend that $1 on a can of soda that you’ll forget you even drank in two hours. Or you can invest $1 in the CC Exchange and be the owner of 10 Cortum Capital, where there is someone every minute of the day working to increase the price per capital.

​By buying into Cortum Capital you’re buying into the mission behind it.
​The only Christian mission based currency.

After your purchase you will receive and email within 24 hours explaining your currency, how it will fluctuate.